Finally, you can see a Black Doctor in the comfort of your home!

Saving Black Lives By Any Means Necessary

Welcome to
Black Doctor 24/7!

  • Black Doctor 24/7 was developed to connect Black doctors with Black patients. Black Doctor 24/7 is the trusted platform for Black patients that wish to see a Black doctor for their medical needs.
  • At Black Doctor 24/7, our goal is to provide a viable alternative to the present healthcare system. Decades of mistrust and alienation have created significant barriers to accessing healthcare for Blacks.
  • We have integrated several cutting edge technologies to reduce human bias and prejudice. Various forms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will help to eliminate racial bias and discrimination.
  • Ultimately, our goal is to reduce health disparities particularly as it relates to cardiovascular disease and its complications.

Black Doctor 24/7 is here to fight health disparities

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated and magnified long-standing healthcare disparities that have disproportionately affecting Black Americans. These are unprecedented times. Underlying risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure have put Black Americans directly in the crosshairs of the coronavirus. The Black Doctor 24/7 app aims to facilitate direct communication between Black doctors and Black patients. With this platform, we will bring the solution to the problem.

Accessible 24/7

Black Doctor 24/7 is available around the clock. Finally, you can connect with your doctor when you need one the most.


All COVID-19 services are FREE to all! Sign up and get your FREE consultation. Black Doctor 24/7 is in the beta / testing phase and will not charge registrants. Your feedback is important.

Qualified Providers

All of our providers are highly experienced and well trained.

Telemedicine Capable

Our platform is telemedicine capable by simply using your smartphone or desktop computer. This saves time and money!

Chat with Provider

Once you have registered, you can chat with your doctor prior to your telemedicine appointment.

Secure / HIPAA Compliant

Your data is safe and secure at Black Doctor 24/7. Our system is HIPAA compliant and encrypted.
clinically tested artificial intelligence

Real Time, Remote Vital Signs Monitoring: Medical Grade Accuracy You Can Trust


Avoid Getting Sick

Clinics, medical centers and hospitals are typically where known pathogens and germs can spread. By having an online consultation, you are avoiding
the possibility of transmission.

Available 24/7

Being a technology platform, we aim to have day-round coverage of providers available to consult with you at a suitable time, as soon as possible

Culturally Competent

See a healthcare provider you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Avoid Making Others Sick

Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing
and auditing of your software.

No Travel Required

No need to waste time travelling to the Doctor for something that can be simply diagnosed and treated online.

Rest Longer

Doctors often advise use to rest in bed, and that’s where you can now see the doctor from. By not needing to travel and spend hours on the go, you’re likely to recover a lot quicker.

Get the BlackDoctor24/7 App Today and in several easy steps.

Install the App
Download the app from the Apple or Google Play Stores. Works with iOS and Android.
Ask Amina
"Amina" is our symptom tracker and virtual medical assistant. Amina can provide useful information prior to your visit.
Setup your profile
After downloading the app, set up your profile.
Make an Appointment
You can make an appointment to see the specialist of your choice. Its fast and easy!

Ask Amina!
Our artificial intelligence assistant.

clinically tested artificial intelligence
  • Prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor or hospital. This will prevent possible exposure to COVID-19 as well as save time and money.
  • Minimize missed diagnoses and taking more control of your own healthcare. With Amina, you become a true partner and contributor to your own health and wellbeing.
  • You can share information from the Black Doctor 24/7 system with other doctors involved with your healthcare.
  • Amina is accurate and trustworthy and is always available.

Download the Black Doctor 24/7 App Today!

What Black people are saying

The fact the Blacks receive better care and better outcomes when treated by Black doctors is no secret.
Finally, I can see doctors that I trust.  
I am very happy to know that I can connect with a Black doctor. Honestly, I've never seen a Black doctor in my entire life until Black Doctor 24/7 came long. Thank you!
A. Green
January 15, 2021
I feel more comfortable with a Black Doctor.
I hate going to the doctor. Black Doctor 24/7 has made it easier to get the medical information I need when I need it. Thank God for Black Doctor 24/7!
J. Smith
December 13, 2020
New York
Black Doctor 24/7 helped me decide about the vaccine.
With all of the misinformation out there, it was hard for me to decide if I should take the vaccine or not. I am fully vaccinated after talking to one of the Black Doctor 24/7 providers.
Marc B.
February 3 , 2021
Los Angeles

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